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Hodari Tanzania works with various stakeholders through capacity and institutional development in understanding and adherence of human rights, women’s rights, law and gender empowerment principles.

Services provided are meant to provide individual (staff, employees, managers, directors, board, suppliers, subcontractors)  and institutional capacity   of an organization, corporation or agencies to be; empowered – informed and knowledgeable, promote – by mainstreaming and implementing, safeguard –  by providing ways for prevention of violation by establishment of mechanisms for detection, addressing and redress and by having policies and frameworks to reinforce and report at various levels.

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What we believe in

Vision Statement

Responsive and inclusive businesses and institutions in Tanzania.

Mission Statement

Seeks to improve, resolve and overcome injustices through empowering individuals, state and non-state actors with human rights, women empowerment and accountability principles.

Value Statement

Pursue growth, serve professionally

Hodari Objectives

To empower and provide technical support on issues of human rights and gender equality. Including conducting human rights and gender audits, assessment for compliance with international, regional and national standards and principles.

To facilitate the formation and adoption of sustainable and social responsible policies in the areas of human rights, gender equality by state and non-state actors.

To facilitate engagement and involvement in the promotion, protection and safeguarding of principles of human, women and children rights.

To provide legal and psychological counseling and advice on issues of family and employment.

To review and develop policies and guidelines for internal and external usage by corporate, civil society, government and non-government agencies on issues such as human rights, women’s rights and gender equality law for operationalization and improvement.

To provide technical advice on the developing, implementation, monitoring and reviewing of development projects/programs and mechanisms for great results and advancement of sustainability and accountability;

To provide capacity building and the development of curriculum, training manuals and reference books on issues of human rights, women’s rights law and gender equality.

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