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Hodari Tanzania works with various stakeholders through capacity and institutional development in understanding and adherence of human rights, women’s rights, law and gender empowerment principles.

Services provided are meant to provide individual (staff, employees, managers, directors, board, suppliers, subcontractors)  and institutional capacity   of an organization, corporation or agencies to be; empowered – informed and knowledgeable, promote – by mainstreaming and implementing, safeguard –  by providing ways for prevention of violation by establishment of mechanisms for detection, addressing and redress and by having policies and frameworks to reinforce and report at various levels.

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Hodari is a unique company worthy engaging as its members and founders are Tanzanian citizens who are passionate and visionary on the inclusive engagement of various actors for the achievement of inclusive and sustainable development in Tanzania. Hodari recognizes the importance of multi stakeholders approach for growth and the need for state and non-state actors engagement to guarantee progressive economic development by addressing issues of human rights, women’s right, law and gender empowerment.

Hodari believes that the principles of human rights, women’s rights, gender empowerment are key for the sustainability of any sector as these goes hand in hand with the improvement of community and state relations. Transformation for greater pro poor and pro private sector  policies, inclusiveness, competitiveness and increases opportunity for decent work and working environment and productive employment which leads to benefits and profit for all.

Our Services


Hodari Consulting services are tailor made to specific requirements or needs of individuals, organizations or corporations as per areas of focus of the organization on human rights, women rights, Law and social development issues.

These includes Capacity Building, Empowerment Materials, Documentation, Publications, Institutional Strengthening and Workshop/ Event management services.

Human Rights and Business

Hodari Tanzania partners with non state actors/ private sectors to identify prevent and mitigate adverse effects of business operations. This improves relations between corporations, employees, communities and the world at large and guarantees integrity, ownership, loyalty and sustainability of businesses.

This is done through Audits, Human Rights and Gender Assessments, Develop Guidelines, Policies and Control Systems, Mainstream them implementation of Human Rights Principles, Mapping of Human Right Issues as well as Engagement with National, Regional and International Mechanism.

Family Law and Social Relations

The prosperity of any community/ society is dependent on the foundation of family. Hodari Tanzania works with individuals to strengthen various spheres of their lives be it domestic or work relations.

This is done through the provision of Legal and Psycho-social Services.

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